Split Second Darkness
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Split Second Darkness

Published: 17 Sep 2023, Last Updated: 29 May 2024

This is a game that I developed for the Ludum Dare 51 game jam in October 2022.

The game involves navigating through rooms and corridors where dark monsters will chase after you. To fit the theme of "every 10 seconds", the level goes dark for a moment every 10 seconds, which is when the monsters can move. The challenge is to reach the end of each level without getting caught.

I used Godot 3 to make the game, and although I have had practice with other small games, I learn how to use many features I had never touched before. The biggest feature is probably adding sound to the game. This included footsteps, doors opening and closing, and pressing buttons. It also made the game more interesting to play.

In the game, the enemies can only move when it is dark and you can't see them. This meant that I didn't have to worry about creating animations or programming movement along a path when they could teleport instead. To make the enemies' movement, I used the 2D navigation system to find the quickest path to the player. Enemies have a maximum distance that they can move, so they will find how far towards the player they can get and teleport to that position.

The game jam definitely helped me to finish this project by giving me a time limit. I enjoyed making the game enough that I hope to make an improved version in the future with more puzzle mechanics and levels to play.
The code for the game is available on my Github: https://github.com/Edtg/Ludum-Dare-51


The main menu for Split Second Darkness
A scene from Split Second Darkness where an enemy is chasing the player
An example of the colour code puzzle from Split Second Darkness