Asteroids Graphics Update
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Asteroids Graphics Update

Published: 11 Apr 2024, Last Updated: 29 May 2024

I recently decided to return to my asteroids game I created last year to improve the visuals and add some new features with skills I've learnt since. I started by creating a few different backgrounds with various stars and planets to replace the original image I created when I was getting started with pixel art. I then updated the player ship and asteroid sprites to give them a bit more colour.

Since I now had multiple background images but no way to switch between them, I created a background selection menu. This menu utilises Godot's resources to make it easier to add new backgrounds by simply adding a new resource with the background name and image. Adding the background selection gave me an opportunity to add some progression to the game. I implemented a system to save high scores and require a certain high score to unlock each background.

Finally, I decided to add some more saving and loading for the game settings, which currently includes music/sound effect volume, and the currently selected background.

In future, I plan to expand the high score system to add scores for when different modifiers are applied which could also unlock different backgrounds, encouraging people to play with different modifiers. I also want to add some enemies that will chase or attack the player to add some extra difficulty to the game. Currently, once people have learnt the basics, it is easy to survive for a long time and achieve higher scores. Adding enemies, and updating the asteroids should help to address this issue.